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For Past SBC/NBC Participants

A message to returning SBC Participants:

For returning riders, we understand that change can be difficult, and we share your frustration with the ever-changing NBC program. The 2018 NBC is very different, and our ability to host a free, robust local challenge has been severely compromised.  We are, however, doing our best to still offer a local challenge despite the clear limitations of the LTR platform at the basic (free) level.  It is most disappointing that our local challenge page will only provide leaderboards for the month of May rather than May to Sept. (that would require an upgrade).  While our 2018 SBC will be brief (a sprint), there is an optional team component which will add a little more depth to the competition should you decide to join a team.  Love to Ride reports great success with the small, social team format.  I’ll also add that the Love to Ride platform seems fairly stable and robust for logging rides, and there may actually be a few LTR features you really like.  Many thanks for those who sign up and give it a try.  This effort is important, as Simsbury will be submitting a renewal application for our Bicycle Friendly Community designation from the League of American Bicyclists – the sponsors of the NBC. We anticipate being rated highly in the Encouragement category due to our community’s successful participation in the NBC since 2015.   For that, every SBC rider deserves some credit!  I will continue to be the SBC admin. for this year’s May challenge (Team Sprint) but won’t be able to send email notifications to the 2018 SBC rider list. Look for updates on our website  Please contact me if you have questions, problems, etc.

Thanks again for “Riding with Us!”              Debbie Thibodeau,,  860-539-0538

Notable changes in the 2018 National Bike Challenge and Simsbury Bike Challenge:

1)    There’s a completely new format using the Love to Ride (LTR) website. links to LTR.

  1. The NBC has 3 national competitions with a focus on the May team challenge:   

  1. May 2018 team challenge (join a team of up to 8 riders) and compete with 9 other teams within a pool. There are points, leaderboards, and national prizes. Points are awarded for days riding, miles, and encouraging others. 

  2. September 2018 – Cycle September (workplaces competes against other workplaces of similar size.)  Set up similar to May team challenge. 

  3. Year Round and May-September National Individual Leaderboards - compete with other US riders for Top Rider, Top Commuter, etc.  The League will be giving away Top Rider awards for the May–Sept. challenge period.  

  1. Our local challenge Simsbury NBC/LTR page shows the activity of local riders and local teams during May only.

  2. Given the platform’s limited local leaderboards and search functions (you can’t search for a rider unless you know their team), manual collection of the 5-month challenge data for local riders is currently not possible/practical without a program upgrade

  3. We are opening up the Simsbury Bike Challenge to riders who live, work, volunteer, or regularly ride in Simsbury. NBC/LTR may capture additional riders from greater Simsbury and place them in our local challenge.

  4. Team Competition – see page 1.. 

5)    Logging rides – more options including manual data entry on the NBC/LTR website. See page 1

6)    No administrator communication tools.  SBC updates will be posted on

 7)   Riders must be ages 16 and up (previously 13)

9)   Prizes – see  page 1


Dedicated to safer, more accessible biking and walking in Connecticut's first Bicycle-Friendly Community.

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