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2018 Simsbury Bike Challenge

Team Sprint (May 1-31)


To Join:

  • Register for the 2018 NBC at  or  NBC/Love to Ride (LTR) will assign riders from greater Simsbury to our local challenge.Listing “Simsbury” as your town/city when you register ensures you are assigned to our local challenge.

  • Connect account with a fitness app to record and sync your rides (optional). You can also manually log your rides on the NBC website.

  • Join or start a team of up to 8 riders (optional). If you start a team, begin the team name with “Simsbury -".

  • Invite your friends using the “Invite" buttons.  You earn points for encouraging other riders to participate. ​

  • Log rides in May for the Team competition and Simsbury Bike Challenge rider leaderboards. Riders may continue logging rides through Sept. for the national rider leaderboards. 

Options for Logging your Rides:

- Manually log rides on NBC/LTR website:  enter #miles, date, and type of riding (drop-down menu)

- Sync with fitness app:  Strava, Map My Ride, or Endomondo.  Follow instructions to link accounts.

- Use Ride Report app – uses your phone’s accelerometer and low-power GPS to automatically detect when you ride your bike (no remembering to start/stop the app).  Data automatically transfers to your NBC/LTR account.

How to Earn Points for the May Team Challenge

Riders earn 20 points for each day they ride at least 10 minutes, plus one point for each mile they ride.  Riders earn 50 points for encouraging a rider to participate (100 points if it is a new rider).  For example:

  • 125 pts. for 5 days of riding, 5 miles each day [ 5 x 20 + 5 x 5]

  • 45 pts. for 1 day of riding 25 miles [20 +25]

  • 100 pts. for recruiting one new rider who logs a ride and lists you as the “Encourager”

Resources on the NBC/LTR Website:   Info     Challenge FAQ’s     Website FAQ’s     Terms of Service         


Simsbury Bike Challenge - our Local NBC Page:

We have set up a Simsbury NBC/LTR page to collect the activity of local riders and local teams. This page is available only for the month of May.  We will have rider leaderboards for our local riders based on trips, miles, etc. (categories will be determined by the NBC/LTR).  To view our local page, use the small gear/cog symbol next to your name in the top right of most screens. There you can choose the challenge page (and corresponding data) you want to view:  Simsbury or USA.  If you are on the Simsbury page, you should see “Simsbury” under the top NBC banner on most screens/devices.  

To view our local page and local leaderboards, use the small gear/cog symbol next to your name in the top right of most screens to select “Simsbury.” If you are on the Simsbury page, you should see “Simsbury” under the top NBC banner on most devices.  Select RESULTS for team and individual rider leaderboards. 

Join A Team:  Join or start a Simsbury team; otherwise your points go unused.  The teams are just for fun, and most teams are looking for riders (8 max).  You don’t need to be invited.  From you profile page, select RESULTS on the main menu to view available teams in the Simsbury Pools (A, B, etc.).  Click on a team name to see the team captain and description (many have themes).  Find your best fit, join up with people you know, or start your own team.  Since it’s better to have teams that are fairly “full,” you can even invite riders from outside of greater Simsbury.  For these mixed teams, we recommend that Simsbury riders create the team and name it “Simsbury –“ [name of your choice] so that it will be assigned to a Simsbury Pool. 


All participants will be eligible for the national prize/award programs (see NBC/LTR website for details).  Prizes include travel packages, bike gear, bike shop gift cards, and more (TBD). Our local prize/award program for SBC participants is currently being evaluated to determine if it is compatible with the 2018 NBC format.  If we are able to secure prizes, they will most likely be awarded through random selection of riders logging miles during the month of May. We hope to provide an update by mid May.  

Communications:  The NBC/LTR platform does not provide a means for local challenge administrators to communicate with their challenge participants.  We will post SBC updates on   ​For more information, contact the SBC administrator Debbie Thibodeau at

Note:  The NBC/LTR website may take several hours/overnight to show updates (rides, profiles, teams, leaderboards).


For Returning SBC/NBC Participants

Simbury Bike Challenge Archives


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