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To encourage healthy, sustainable transportation, we asked local bicyclists to make the Bike-to-it! Pledge to bike for transportation (biking to work, school, shops, etc.) during Simsbury’s 2022 Bike Month celebration May 1 – June 4.  We set a community goal of logging 350 bike trips for transportation.



More than 400 local bicyclists rode a combined 1000 bike trips for transportation, SAVING  3300 motor vehicle miles and over 950 kg CO2 car emissions.  We exceeded our community goal of 350 bike trips for transportation! 


Gail Seaman recorded the most transportation trips, an impressive 45 trips.  Twelve riders each had at least 10 transportation bike trips.  Eighteen riders biked to/from work on a total of 98 days, saving 1950 miles driving.  Dan Carr recorded the most work commute miles (355).  Tim Bowman had the longest work commute at 21 miles one-way.  Latimer Lane School had the largest number of students (127) bike to school on Bike/Walk to School Day. 



Please support our generous business sponsors!



Many thanks to our generous business sponsors and all of our participating riders for supporting active, sustainable transportation and our Bicycle Friendly Community certification.  We hope our riders will continue to Bike-to-it!  




Simsbury is hosting the Bike-To-It Pledge, a community event to encourage people of all ages to bike for transportation during Simsbury’s Bike Month celebration (May 1 – June 4).  Make the pledge to take one or more bike trips for transportation, then keep track of your rides to shops, restaurants, work, school, parks, etc. Report how you did at the end of the pledge period for a chance to win prizes and awards. 


Community members and Groups (household, club, troop, workplace, school, etc. ) are invited to help us reach our community goal of 350 transportation bike trips. Participation in this event supports a healthy, sustainable and Bicycle Friendly Simsbury, one bike trip at a time. 



Live, work, volunteer or ride in Simsbury. 

Adults/teens may register as an Individual Rider or Group Leader

Adults/teens/children may participate as a Group Member; no registration required.  

Groups need one Adult/Teen to register as a Group Leader.  GROUP INSTRUCTIONS


How to Log Rides

Easy, Low Tech: 

Use our paper Bike Trip Log to record trips and calculate TOTAL trips.  Instructions provided. Submit results at the end of the Pledge event.  

Online Logging: 

This option is available for Individual Riders only, ages 13 and up (no Groups).  Use LoveToRide to log and submit trip information for the Bike-to-It Pledge and the Simsbury Bike Challenge.  Log your trip information (including mileage) manually or sync from fitness apps Strava or Map My Ride.  You must be in the Simsbury.Bike group/club on LoveToRide, and rides must be tagged as transportation rides in LoveToRide to count in the Bike-To-It Pledge.

Join Love to Ride

Simsbury Bike Challenge

Tips for using Love to Ride


Counting Transportation "Trips"

A bike trip for transportation is a ride made for getting to or from somewhere (shops, restaurants, work, school, etc.). 


1 Trip = One-way ride (A to B)

2 Trips = Round trip (A to B to A)  

3 Trips = 2-stop (A to B to C to A)

For a group, if 2 riders plus a child in a bike trailer bike to the library and back home, that equals 6 Trips


Local Prizes/Awards

We will be offering prizes (e.g., gift certificates/coupons to local businesses, bike gear) donated by generous business sponsors, awarded through random selection of Individual Riders and Group Leaders logging Transportation Trips during the prize period.  Leaders in a number of categories will be recognized including Top Individual Rider, Group(s). 


Notes This is meant to be a fun community event.  Riders are asked to use the honor systems when logging/reporting results. Please bike safely and follow the rules of the road.  We will do our best to fairly recognize riders and award prizes.  All prizes are subject to change.  All decisions are final.  



Please contact challenge@Simsbury.Bike if you have questions. 


Dedicated to safer, more accessible biking and walking in Connecticut's first Bicycle-Friendly Community.

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