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Bike Safety in P.E. Class

Simsbury Public Schools’ Department of Physical Education and Health has one of the first and most comprehensive Bike Safety Education programs in Connecticut public schools.  During P.E. class, 4th, 7th and 8th graders learn bike safety essentials like helmet and bike fit, balancing, braking, signaling, spacing and proper road and trail etiquette.  For high school students, bike safety training is delivered during popular summer P.E. and Wellness classes using classroom and on-bike instruction.  Three fleets of bicycles are owned by the school district and rotate between five elementary schools and the middle school.   


Originally developed in Simsbury in 2012 for the elementary schools,  the bike safety curriculum has been fined tuned over the years to meet the developmental needs of elementary through high school students and their complex school schedules.  Classes are taught by P.E. teachers who have attended train-the-trainer workshops in bike safety education.  As a leader in this area, Simsbury has hosted train-the-trainer workshops in 2013, 2016, 2019 and 2022 for local and out-of-district teachers preparing to teach bike safety.


For more information about Simsbury Public Schools' Bike Safety Education Program, contact Amanda Roy at


Dedicated to safer, more accessible biking and walking in Connecticut's first Bicycle-Friendly Community.

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