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Bike Safety in PE Class.  Simsbury Public Schools’ Department of Physical Education and Health is proud to be administering one of the only Bike Safety Education programs in Connecticut elementary schools.  During P.E. class 4th, 5th, and 6th graders learn bike safety essentials like helmet and bike fit, balancing, braking, signaling, spacing and proper road etiquette.  The curriculum, developed in Simsbury in 2012, is taught by P.E. teachers who have attended train-the-trainer workshops in bike safety education.  Simsbury also hosts workshop to help other school districts develop bike safety programs.  The next workshop is:  

Teaching Safe Bicycling to Children in Physical and Health Education Classes, Friday, April 22, 2016  8 am - 3 pm, Simsbury


For high school students, bike safety training is offered during summer P.E. and Wellness classes.   Additionally, the new Simsbury High School Cycling Club is teaching club members cycling skills that will help them ride safely on the roads and trails. 


Simsbury Public School’s commitment to educating young bicyclists is a key component of Simsbury’s Bicycle Friendly Community initiative.  Teaching students bike safety makes biking safer for today’s families and is an investment in the education of the cyclists and motorists of tomorrow.


Dedicated to safer, more accessible biking and walking in Connecticut's first Bicycle-Friendly Community.

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