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It's not too late to join the Simsbury Bike Challenge (SBC) to ride with Simsbury in the National Bike Challenge's Cycle September Challenge. The NBC has special prize drawings this month and you can earn encourager points by recruiting your friends.  Logging your miles in the SBC is a great way to meet other local cyclists, track your progress. and support a bicycle friendly Simsbury. Learn more. 


Good News:  The CT  Road Safety Bill (HB 5429) was Signed into Law!  We'll provide details in our next newsletter.  Also, Simsbury has repaved two sections of the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail in the south end of town.  


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Please follow the rules of the road, trail etiquette and CDC guidelines when cycling on our roadways and trails. If you would like to improve your cycling skills, virtual and on-bike classes and online resources are available.  Learn more. 

Get Involved

Please consider helping us with our bike/walk advocacy work.  We can match your interests and availability to our volunteer opportunities. Contact us! 



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Simsbury Bike Challenge

2021 Simsbury Bike Challenge 

Open enrollment May 1 - Sept. 30


The Simsbury Bike Challenge is back!

Since 2015, Simsbury has logged over 300,000 miles in the National Bike Challenge, finishing as high as the #1 advocacy group in the U.S.!  After a strong finish in 2020, team Simsbury.Bike is gearing up for an even bigger 2021 season.


  If you ride outdoors, any distance, any frequency, make your rides count for Simsbury! 


Riders 13 and over who live, work, volunteer or regularly ride in Simsbury are invited to join. Log rides, work toward personal goals, and compete for prizes and awards in an online community. It’s a great way to meet other local cyclists,  track your progress, and support a bicycle friendly Simsbury.  Plus,  it's fun, motivating, and free!  We hope you will ride with us.


To join, use the signup link to:

  1. Sign in or register as an individual with Love to Ride

  2. Opt into the 2021 challenge

  3. Select Group/Club Simsbury.Bike 

Riders may also join other groups/clubs competing in the NBC or just ride solo.  Join NBC


Returning Challenge Riders

If you’ve previously participated in the National Bike Challenge (2018 - present), make sure you're a member of our Group/Club Simsbury.Bike to add your rides & miles to the 2021 Simsbury Bike Challenge.  Groups/Clubs  and data sharing permission to sync with a fitness app like Strava may need to be updated if your Love to Ride account has been inactive.  


National Bike Challenge

This program is part of the National Bike Challenge (NBC), a free, nationwide bicycle advocacy and wellness program to encourage people to bike for fitness, transportation, and recreation. Local riders compete in the NBC and our local challenge simultaneously, supporting bike advocacy at the national and local levels.


Year Round Connections

The NBC runs May 1- Sept. 30 with open enrollment throughout the challenge. The Love to Ride platform operates year-round, and many local riders also connect virtually through our Strava Club Simsbury.Bike.   

Join Strava Club Simsbury.Bike



For more information, contact 

Debbie at challenge@simsbury.bike.

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National Bike Month

National Bike Month is celebrated in May in communities across the country to showcase the many benefits of bicycling — and encourage more people to give biking a try. In Simsbury, Bike Month is truly a month-long celebration with events, rides, classes, safety campaigns, and more.  Join us as we Bike to Work, Bike to School, and bike for fun! 



Dedicated to safer, more accessible biking and walking in Connecticut's first Bicycle-Friendly Community.